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  • positive review  Good and Orientated services rendered during the treatment process of termite infestation in my unit. Roy is very professional in handling such cases and highly recommended potential customers to engage them without hesitation. They provide good after-sales services too.

    Lim Ding Yan Avatar Lim Ding Yan
    February 3, 2022
  • positive review  I have a happy engagement with Mr Azfar who turned up on time to provide me with good info, helpful advice and going thru various parts of the apartment to ascertain no other nest is being built or spread, which is very very assuring and a great relief. This is after a good first call with the friendly Sharifah who has help to make appointments and provided some initial suggestion on how to manage the situation. Highly recommended to anyone who has to deal with termites 'trouble' ! 👍👍👍

    Lee Swee Heng Avatar Lee Swee Heng
    December 13, 2021
  • positive review  They were prompt and professional in addressing my concerns over whatsapp. Although I eventually did not use their service, I heed their advice to dispose my item as it is infested with termites (from the photos that I sent to them for their reference). Overall, I am satisfied with their customer service.

    Gina Tay Avatar Gina Tay
    November 3, 2021
  • positive review  I’m writing to share my pleasant experience asking for help from the Termite Specialist. I first spoke over the phone with Ms Sharifah, who was very polite and helpful. After seeing the photos that I sent through WhatsApp, she arranged for two specialists to come to check the condition of the shop house’s roof timbre, which had showed signs of subterranean termite infestation. Even though there were major safety issues as there was no support to walk on so that one can examine the beams closely, Mr Azfar was able to provide me with a detailed assessment, illuminating explanations, and professional advice. Previously I had been so worried that the roof was going to collapse anytime, but my fears are allayed now. Thank you very much to the Termite Specialist for your amazing help!

    Sze Yu Toh Avatar Sze Yu Toh
    March 12, 2021
  • positive review  Azfar is an experienced professional. He is really attentive and lovely to deal with. He is also very kind. He gives very sound advice about the current situation and what actions need to be carried out. Very punctual for all appointments! The person handling the WhatsApp messages is really professional and prompt. She is very polite in all her texts. The staff from this company are very well trained. Kudos to you!!

    Michelle Robert Avatar Michelle Robert
    March 2, 2021
  • positive review  Best thing about termite specialist is that they offered me FOC TERMITE INSPECTION. Other pest companies actually wanted to charge just for a site visit. The price is reasonable for the many visits to replenish the bait & the end result is the termites did not return. As shared by many reviewers, Roy the founder was patient in explaining and what we could expect. We actually learnt a lot from him ! Frankly difficult to find service like this in spore anymore. Can see why so many 5 stars review

    Terence Ching Avatar Terence Ching
    November 30, 2020

Termite Inspection

There are many ways of carrying out a termite inspection. Visual termite inspection, Termite Stethoscope, Camera Scope and thermal imaging detection. Termites In Singapore are known as threatening insects to residents. They can eat wood so that it can cause some damage to your home and building. Instead of damaging your building, it threatens your wood furniture. 

3 Types of termites in singapore

Termite Control Singapore
Termite Inspection, Termite Inspection
termite Control Singapore

By carrying out termite inspection, our termite specialist will inspect wood skirting, kitchen sinks, door-frames and look out for any water leakage areas. This area are potential for termite infestation. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to detect termites through a mere visual inspection of the location because subterranean termites can adapt to conceal in structures in extended time and eat wood from the inside. Therefore, it can be noticed when there is visible damage to the structure or termite mud trails. For this reason, it will be a very thoughtful idea to use thermal imaging detection as it is equipped with some advanced tools.

Termite Inspection Singapore
Termite Inspection, Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection using Thermal Imaging Detection

As a Termite Specialist in Singapore, thermal imaging detection goes a step further than your typical subterranean termites’ inspection. Termite inspections are important whether you are looking into buying a new home or just maintaining your existing home. But thermal termite detection differs from normal typical termite inspection because it gives the inspector the ability to see a termite problem before the signs become visible to the naked eye. Although the regular termite inspection is cheaper, it is not always accurate in the beginning stages of a termite infestation. Normally, it’s almost in the stage where the average person can tell they have termites, so there really isn’t a need to have an inspection done.

But as termites enjoy warmer temperatures, and a group of termites gives off a large amount of radiated heat and moisture which is detectable on wall surfaces using the thermal imaging cameras. The cameras scan the walls for termite or other pest activity in a matter of seconds and then can take photos of the infested areas for future reference. Temperature differences give off different variances, and the cameras have the technology to see the different variations in surface temperature, therefore being able to detect hot areas that the termites will thrive in. Different variances are shown in the photos through different colors. In the images the tropical regions are shown as yellow or red, while purple and blue tones depict cold areas, this makes spotting infested areas easy. However, out of the 3 Types Of Termites in Singapore, the thermal imaging cannot  detect dry wood termites.

Termite Inspection Singapore
termite inspection

Advantages of Thermal Imaging

However, as a result of thermal imaging cameras ability to see variances in temperature, it allows our technicians to accurately identify potential and immediate problems that you may have missed if you were conducting a traditional pest inspection. Surface temperatures are changed by pests and living organisms in an area of your home. This technology means the potential problem areas can be pinpointed without the need of demolishing the structure of the house. An advantage of the thermal imaging camera is that it doesn’t limit the inspection to areas that are accessible. Areas that are hard to reach can be easily scanned with the thermal camera.

Hence, taking advantage of a thermal image detection can prove to be the best choice for homeowners and those looking into becoming a homeowner. The upfront costs for this type of detection proves to be well worth it if you can get a handle on the problem before it gets out of control and causes a substantial amount of damage caused by subterranean termites.

Signs Of Termites

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if you see any signs of termites as per image below, please do not spray any insecticide and call us immediately for termite inspections @+65 69103776.

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