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Termite Baiting In Singapore

What is a Termite Baiting System?

One of the types of termite control is a termite baiting system. It’s specifically designed to attract Subterranean Termites, and eventually kill their colonies, the baits are placed at strategic points for the termite workers to feed on, and then take it back to their colonies to feed to their soldier termites and queen.

The bait acts gradually and stunts the development of termites, thus hindering their maturity and killing them at some point. Baiting is a form of Termite Control in Singapore is intended to exterminate the entire colony to collapse.

Time Required

  • It may take 4 to 12 weeks for a baiting treatment to exterminate the colony. (Depend on the type of subterranean termites sub-species)
  • Depending on the level of infestation, our termite specialist might have to pay a visit every 7 to 14 days for a follow-up till the entire colony collapse.
  • We track all our follow-ups. Each follow up is for us to determine the feeding pattern of the termites & to replenish the bait when necessary. 

Advantages Of Termite Baiting System

  • Hassle-free installation.
  • No drilling
  • No pumping is needed.
  • Better than Termite Dusting and Spraying.
  • Eco-Friendly

Is Termite Baiting System Effective?

For a long-term solution, Yes, it is! We strongly recommend it in case of infestation of subterranean termites. The first step in Termite Control & Termite Prevention is getting to know the preferences and behavior of Subterranean termites. This is where our Termite Specialist will explain to you more in details during the site survey. Our team of professionals specializes in termites. So if you spot any infestation, contact us immediately, and we will send our termite specialist your way.

Termite Soil Treatment

What is a Termite Soil Treatment?

One of the most recommended methods for Termite Prevention & Termite Control is the Pre-construction Treatment, which commonly goes by the name of Termite Soil Treatment.

In Singapore, all the buildings under construction get their soil treated, with a non-repellent termiticide, before construction to ensure the protection of structures against the attack of subterranean termites. The odorless and tasteless properties of the termiticide are crucial for this because the termites cannot detect the chemical because of them, and the realization only hits them when their whole colony collapses.

How It's Done?

  • Before beginning the construction process, the recommended dosage of diluted termiticide is added to the soil with the help of a hydraulic spray nozzle by our trained personnel.
  • Then we use a coat of black polythene to cover the treated soil. We make sure that the edges of black polyethylene overlap and are sealed with soil.
  • The Pre-construction Termite Control Singapore, covers the full ground floor and the area below the apron.

Our Termite Removal and Termite Treatment is the solution to damage prevention by termites. To know more about it, feel free to contact us.

Termite Corrective Treatment

What Is Termite Corrective Treatment?

If you live in Residential such as landed properties in Singapore then our Post Construction Termite Control is for you.

A Post Construction Termite Treatment by nature, in Termite Corrective Treatment holes are drilled every 1.5 feet to 2 feet through the slabs on the outside of the building or through the pillars for the buildings that have pillars and the termiticides are injected in the holes at least around 5 Litres, and then sealed using cement. The termiticide then acts as a barrier for the entry of termites into the home.

How Do We Prepare For A Post Construction Treatment?

  • Our team first performs a thorough inspection of the premises to check for any active termites.
  • If they find any active termites, we will need to eradicate them first.
  • Cable detection will be done.
  • And then we carry out the process of Corrective Treatment.

Termite Monitoring Stations

What Is Termite Monitoring Station?

Also known as In-Ground Stations, Termite Monitoring Stations are used when soil beneath a structure can’t be reached, and it’s not possible to apply termiticides.

In such baits, the lethal ingredient is mixed with an attractant such as paper, cardboard, or food. The stations are placed at garden or landscape areas and are inspected regularly. When their source and presence is identified, the baits are installed to destroy them.

The in-ground station is included in our Termite Prevention Program. To know more about the types of Termite Removal & Termite Treatment, contact us and make an appointment.

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