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What is Termite Soil treatment?

Termite Soil Treatment in Singapore is known as a (Pre-Construction) Soil Treatment.

Treating the soil with a non-repellent termiticide will create a barrier and protect the building from termite intrusion and infestation. The chemicals in the termiticide have no odor, taste or smell to the termites. That means when the termites are in contact with the termiticide, they are unaware that the termiticide is affecting the termite colony until it collapsed.
  • Before laying of the concrete slab on the ground, We will drench the soil with the correct amount of diluted termiticide using a hydraulic spray nozzle. 
  • Cover the treated soil with a layer black polyethylene sheet. We will ensure the sheeting is sealed to the foundation. 
  • To overlap the edges of the black sheeting and seal them by covering with the soil.   

Anti-Termite Treatment are key to damage prevention. To know more about our anti-termite programme, do contact us for a non-obligated quotation. 

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Termite Soil Treatment In Singapore, Termite Soil Treatment

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