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3 Types Of termites in Singapore

As a termite specialist in Singapore, we have met with many landlords or homeowners about their termite infestation issues. But, first of all, we would like to share with you what are the 3 types of termites in Singapore as many homeowners will start googling about termites when they saw termites in their properties. This is where you will get confused.

3 Types oF termites In Singapore

Do you know that there are more than 1300 types of termites in the world? 

Yes!! There are more than 1300 types of termites in the world. With over 10 years of experience as a termite pest control in Singapore, the common 3 types of termites in Singapore are Subterranean Termites, Drywood termites & Dampwood termites. 

Types Of Termites In Hdb Flats & Condominium.

The common types of termites in HDB flats & condominium are Subterranean Termites & Drywood termites. This termite can also be found at landed properties but indoor area only not at the garden area. 

Types Of termites In Landed Properties.

For landed properties, the chances of having 3 types of termites are very high. Let’s look at the 3 types of termites below.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most common you can find in Singapore. Their scientific name is (Coptotermes Gestroi). 
Subterranean termites came from the soil and slowly go up to building structure to find wood cellulose materials to feed such as paper cupboard & wood that has contact with water. 

When you have any water leakage or waterproofing issues in your house, the chances to have subterranean termites are very high. As a termite specialist in Singapore, it’s our duty to inform all homeowners all the termite potential areas and we always advise our client to rectify any water leakage issues if any. 

Treatment For Subterranean Termites

  • Termite Baiting Treatment
  • Termite Dusting Treatment
  • Spot Treatment

Drywood termites

Drywood termites are the second common types of termites in Singapore. Their Scientific name is Kalotermitidae
Drywood termites are the second most destructive termites and even harder to eradicate. There are not from the soil like subterranean termites. There are 2 reasons why you have Drywood termites in your house:

  1. Termites flew in during the swarming season and discard their wings which you might be able to see near wooden skirting, door frames or wardrobes.
  2. Drywood termites can also be found when you buy untreated Antique Furniture, Export Furniture from overseas or 2nd hand furniture. 
  3. Untreated wood for carpentry works. Always make sure to ask your renovation contractor for treated wood. For kitchen cabinet we recommend you to use Marine Plywood as it’s water resistant but it will be a bit costly. 

Many clients asked if IKEA wood is good. For over more than 10 years in pest control Singapore, amazingly we only saw 1 IKEA rack that got eaten by termites. We would say that their wood is good and recommended.  

Treatment For Drywood Termites. 

  • Termite Foaming
  • Spot Treatment
  • Drilling of small holes may require to inject the termiticide.

Dampwood Termites

Out of the 3 Types Of Termites in Singapore, Dampwood Termites are the least problems in Singapore. Dampwood termites are also called as Garden termites. 
Garden termites always happen in landscape areas. They feed on tree shrubs or rotten wood. Both dampwood termites and subterranean termites live beneath the soil, unlike drywood termites. Garden termites hardly go into your home as they prefer mostly soil area. Anti-termite treatment in Singapore is the best from termite intrusion. 

Treatment For Dampwood Termites

Anti-termite treatment in Singapore is what we really recommend for garden termites.

What should you do when you saw any of these 3 types of termites in your house? 

The first step, you must not spray any insecticide at that area as this will make the termites abandon and turn the termites to be more aggressive. 90% of the termites will resurface at other parts of your house and this will take a longer time to eradicate and it will be challenging for termite pest control to do termite treatment.

Additionally, to know about these 3 types of termites in Singapore is to understand their behaviors and preferences, Professional termite inspections are key to damage prevention. If an infestation is spotted, do give us a call immediately and we send our termite specialist down to conduct termite inspection.

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