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Singapore White ant treatment

There is no single white ant or termite treatment solution that is permanent. In reality, the management of white ants and termite is an ongoing method.

White Ants and Termites are component of our natural environment in Singapore surrounding regions, and the danger presented by termites as our setting changes.

Often unknowingly, homeowners, estate managers and tenants generate environmental changes in and around a dwelling that promote white ants to enter our properties. Your Pest Management Inspector can also offer you personalized guidance and tips to guarantee that white ants and termites are not inadvertently encouraged to enter your home!

Do below when you find termites:

First, do NOT interfere with them.  This implies: not spraying white ants / termites with household smoke, sprays or powder. Do NOT touch or tapping the white ants / termites infestation area. Stay away from white ant activity. We know it’s tempting to attempt to get rid of the house-munching horrors, but disturbing the termites or nest will lead them to retreat, abandon and render any termite treatments less efficient.

Second, contact termite specialist team to organize on your estate a complete white ant inspection.  We at termite specialist offer you guidance on your white ant / termite treatment program after we have checked the estate.


At termite specialist we will visit your home to roll out a white ant treatment strategy that suits your home, climate and environment. See the following elements:


If a white ant nest can be found, this is the most effective way to deal with the immediate termite or white ant problem. A chemical treatment prior to destroying the white ant nest should be done; otherwise a group of individuals may survive to begin another colony. Some species of termites create multiple nests. At termite specialist we will identify the white ants species involved and track down other white ant nests.

White Ant nests can also be destroyed indirectly by termite treatments like baiting, dusting and chemical applications that transfer the toxins throughout the entire termite colony. The termite specialist will recommend termite treatment for your house after the inspection.


Chemical Termite Treatment

It is one of the most popular ways to protect your properties.  We apply an approved termiticide to the soil around the structure in chemical termite treatment, so that there is no part of the structure that the termites can access through the treated soil without tunneling. If termites come into touch with the soil being handled, they are either repelled or murdered before any harm can be done.

Things you should know about soil chemical termite treatments or termite barriers:

  • If it is not properly treated, the termiticide will not work.  It must be put in the right sort of soil and in touch with any soil around all areas of the construction.  If this cannot be achieved, your property can not be fully protected, but in other types of treatment plan, we can compensate for this.
  • Termite chemicals are not enduring indefinitely.  Soil elements and exposure to sunlight can break them down. Yearly inspection is recommended and re-treatment the soil for every 5 to 7 years.
  • Chemical termite treatment is common, but not always the ideal solution, especially if concrete or paved paths exist, etc.
  • Before carrying out a chemical termite treatment, the termite specialist will need to inspect the soil to make sure there’s no active termites
  • Annual checks are required to guarantee that soil treatment continues to function efficiently.

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White ant treatment

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